April 20 AIM Partner Event: Cyber Workforce Development Webinar

When: April 20, 4:00 PM (EST)
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: Complimentary

The AHC and Idaho National Laboratory have joined forces to bring you monthly events: The Cyber Workforce Development Webinar, taking place on April 20 @ 4:00PM EST (60 min.)

Many organizations are not sure how to create and measure progress in creating a security program. They lack an organized workforce structure to support all aspects of security (IT, OT, Cyber-physical…) and need the ability to understand security competency gaps. The Cyber Workforce Development Webinar will demonstrate the business reasons for developing organizational security and a cyber ready workforce, including the specific education, training, and development paths by job role to increase security operational readiness.

Attendees will learn about the CYBER-CHAMP© model which can be applied for mitigating organizational risk by tying direct ROI to the cybersecurity competency and workforce development across all roles in any organization.

The webinar will focus on:

      • Establishing current organizational baselines:
      • Security state (current and future)
      • Security workforce development profile by job roles and responsibilities (current and future)
      • Security competency health
      • At an organizational level AND by individual roles

Building Roadmaps and Constructing Process for:

      • Improving security state
      • An organization-wide cyber ready workforce profile
      • Forging a living/breathing security competency health
      • Role-based learning and development profiles
      • Continuously maturing the security program