Available Contract Vehicles Virtual Roundtable


Date: August 11, 2021
Time: 9:00-10:00AM EDT

Almost every IT investment or project in your agency’s (or client’s) IT portfolio includes an acquisition or contract vehicle. Acquisition is fully integrated with the requirements for IT investment management (capital planning and investment control). Business cases include information on contracts, and CIO evaluation reports rate contractor oversight. Many of you serve as Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for IT portfolios. OMB has provided you with guidance on Best-In-Class (BIC) vehicles.

Join senior IT executives for AIM Council’s virtual roundtable on Available Contract Vehicles for an open conversation to understand and explore available contract vehicles such as Alliant 2 On-Ramping, Polaris, and BIC-MAC. We will discuss each contract vehicle, the contract scope, specifications, and enhancements, and which contract vehicle(s) could best fit the needs of your IT Portfolio.

Panelists will provide:

    • A better understanding of how contract vehicles impact your IT Portfolios
    • An overview on Alliant 2 Innovations, Polaris, and BIC-MAC
    • Guidance on the future direction of these contract vehicles


      • All AIM Council Members: Complimentary
      • Government (Full Time Government Employees Only, No Federal Contractors): Complimentary
      • Private Sector Non Members (Including Federal Contractors): $25

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William McVay, Executive Vice President, Logical Technology and Research (LTR)


Warren Blankenship, Program Manager, IT Government-wide Category Management, General Services Administration
Blake Harvey, Business Development Manager, Red Team Consulting
Kim Pack, Chief Executive Officer, Wolf Den Associates
Anthony Salvi, Chief Operating Officer, VMD Corp.