The Role of Social Media in Cyber Warfare  – Are you Being Safe?

Date:  June 16th

Time:  10:00AM to 10:40AM EDT

This AIM Council webinar offers an overview of how China, Russia and Iran are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic for their disinformation and propaganda campaigns.  We will discuss current tactics being deployed by these adversaries in the information environment.

You’ll also hear about emerging forms of disinformation such as deep fakes, shallow fakes and GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks)

What You Will Learn

      • Are you being smart in your use of social media?
      • New developments in disinformation tactics by China, Russia and Iran
      • How cyber warfare can affect you personally, and in your work
      • Tools to evaluate the information coming into your feed
      • Practices to protect yourself, your family and to contribute to defending the country on this front.

About the Presenter:  Lydia Snider
Lydia Snider is special advisor to US Army Cyber Command for Information Warfare and Social Media. Before joining ARCYBER she worked as a social media marketer from 2008 to 2016. She closed her marketing consulting business mid 2016 because she had determined how the Russians were weaponizing social media.